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Wherever you happen to be in life, whatever challenges you face, I am an experienced master-certified coach, I am experienced in helping individuals with life-changing courses to help you start living your ideal life.

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Your brain is the most powerful thing you have in the world. Everything you do, and the results you create, are all caused by the thoughts within your brain.


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Gain Confidence Back

Find Your New Narrative

My Journals

This journal is all about helping you with self love and claiming your identity. Sometimes in life, we lose ourselves through uncertainty. This journal will help you to be open to receiving all the good things that are in store for you.

Journal 1

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Journal 2

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Journal 3

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Prayer Journal

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Prayer Journal

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Through my trials & tribulations, I experience so much pain and disappointment. Throughout my experience, I also experience growth, wisdom, and faith like no others. But throughout this experience, I also developed a new me. I specialized in helping people develop goals and motivation toward their dreams. I can help you identify your true directions to achieve your dreams.
Carla Thomas


What My Clients are Saying

There’s a saying that…the only person you can change is yourself, and I discovered through the class that as I just quietly changed myself it caused people around me to follow my example, which was really neat too. And you’re right, men respond really well to declarative sentences vs. questions. I am doing that now with great results.
Olivia Holmes
I started following your basic recommendations (like organize your office, stop watching TV, figure out what is important to you… And actually it turned out that I feel much better. I’m much more focused and aware of what I’m doing and the biggest thing– my boss promoted me for a new higher position!
Roberto Lopez
An important exercise is to establish boundaries and hold oneself to higher standards. I established the boundary that people could not yell or swear at me. I used carla’s four-step system of communicating these boundaries to people in my family who do this and they quickly and sincerely apologized. And since they also know that I hold myself to the same standards, my relationships with them have improved markedly.
Julia Moore
My friends now tell me I was so grumpy when I worked at the law firm. Now they say I’m the way I’m supposed to be—happy, relaxed, fun-loving. When people see me with the dogs, they say, “… that is what you were meant to do…”
Maria Anna
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